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Night Fall Free Falling Flux Totem Flux-II

Yosemite Mariner-I Landscape The Portal

Three Dancers Three Dancers Gathering of Angels Wild Horse Wild Horse

Welcome to the website of Homampour Arts and the paintings of H. Homampour. Here you will find numerous paintings created by the imagination of the artist. All of H. Homampour's paintings are original in concept and execution. He uses the highest quality materials in his work with original topics and subjects in his paintings. This strong and impressive abstract body work is being presented to you direct from the Artist's studio.

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Classifying himself as a Cubist painter, H. Homampour, however does frequently venture to experiment with the subject, composition, color, movement, and many other contemporary styles to arrive at fresh and strikingly remarkable new visions. H. Homampour has a solid Art educational background in the fields of Architecture, Graphic Design, and Fine Art. All of which strongly influences his body of paintings and drawings. He received his bachelor's degree form the School of Architecture and Art at the University of Illinois in Chicago and also a Master of Arts degree from University of Illinois at Northern. He has been exhibiting his work consistently over the past 27 years in the United States and internationally.

I usually paint with oils, acrylics, and mixed media on canvas. I have produced limited edition prints and created sculptures in plaster, concrete and wood. My work has been shown in Southern California galleries and at exclusive art shows, and various worldwide competitions . My paintings are also in many privately held collections around the world. Your critiques, comments, or request for more detailed views of a particular piece or general information is most welcome. We look forward to hearing from you. Homampour Arts.






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